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Product Information

Nurture your body with this enriched range that are subtly fragranced with 6 signature blends of organic essential oils.  Choose from Body Butters, Body Oils, Treatment Candles, Therapeutic Salts & Rollerballs.

Body Butters All


Intensely rich body butters subtly fragranced with the signature blends of botanical oils.  Melts easily, leaving skin naturally soft and silky to touch.


All Body Oils



These light, easily absorbed body & massage oils contain skin conditioning coconut oil that’s naturally moisturising and an ideal way to restore skins natural pH especially if applied directly after a bath or shower.  Can also be added to the matching JustBe Therapeutic Salt.



Treatment Candle Tranquil

These  treatment candles melt at 2oC above body temperature so they can be safely poured directly onto skin.  The aromas of the essential oils are released on being massaged into the skin.  A pair of cotton rich treatment gloves are included.  For increased moisturising effect, slip the treatment gloves on and relax.  Each candle lasts for approximately 30 hand treatments and are incredibly nourishing especially for dry hands.  Available in JustBe Tranquil, JustBe Energised and JustBe Active.

Salts All




Keep your skin in excellent condition with this range of therapeutic salts that will soothe, detox and help boost circulation.

Scent Rollerballs



As scents directly impacts how we feel, these handy rollerballs are a great way to boost our mood and are a natural alternative to perfume.  Simply roll on pulse points, especially back of the wrists and breathe in the refreshing scents of your chosen blend of JustBe.