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Engage your senses with the sound, smell & taste of JustBe.  Listen to the soothing JustBe In-Tune music, create a relaxing atmosphere with the aromatic candles and burning oils, enjoy drinking one of the Botanical Blends or be inspired with the Inspiration Cards.


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JustBe In-Tune‘s based on the DNA of the essential oils contained within the 7 signature blends of JustBe oils.  It’s written in 432hz: the same frequency as birds & bees.  The albums available via iTunes

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Burning Oils All with Aromastone


Create a relaxing atmosphere with this trio of aromatic burning oils: Inspired, Relaxed and Cozy to help uplift, soothe and warm your senses creating the perfect atmosphere any time of day or night.  Enjoy the benefits of burning essential oils with this safe and easy to use electric aroma stone.


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Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of these delicious organic herbal infusions.  Simply select how you’d like to be.  There’s one for each day of the week.

Inspiration Cards All



Get a fresh prespective with these Inspiration Cards.   Each deck contains 50 cards with different suggestions or questions on how to just be.