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JustBe Happy Botanical Blend 40g

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Directions: Add 2-3 teaspoons per tea pot making sure you include some Hibiscus and infuse in boiled water for at least 4 minutes. For an even more refreshing drink add a slice of orange. Enjoy hot or cold.

Product Information

Order Happy Botanical Blend 40g @ £4.80

“The flavour is clean, original and it really is uplifting. We believe this to be a genuine contribution to the market. With a touch of honey or even jaggery (palm sugar) as an iced tea it would be fabulous.” Great Taste Judging Panel 2014

Sometimes referred to the ‘herb of good cheer’, Lemon Balm is known for it’s calming properties. Hibiscus Flowers are known to have a positive effect on the central nervous system and can help to keep the digestive system generally healthy and happy.

Ingredients: Lemon Balm & Hibiscus Flowers.

Additional tip: Makes delicious ice cubes.

These high quality herbs can be re-used on the same day and will give at least 3 good pots of tea. Organically grown.  Naturally caffeine free.  If you are pregnant or on medication, please check with your doctor before consuming any beverage that contains herbs.